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custom decals

Working on Custom Decals

PDC offers a complete, end to end, custom decal service for model makers of all types. If you have a custom decal project you want to tackle, and you'll find you are in good hands.

We can provide as much support for your project as you need, from complete artwork services, to artwork touch-ups, or printing directly from your files. We will work with you to ensure your project is crisp and clean.

Our artist has been doing model related design and graphics professionally for over 25 years. Let us put that experience to work for you.

Ryan Mendell's Algonquin 502

We offer:

Check out Ryan Mendell's fantastic Algonquin Railway No. 502 on his blog over at Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine. ( )

Here's what people are saying about our custom decal service:

Boley Crew Cab by Bill Brillinger
The Herald and 'Algonquin' decals were custom made for me by Bill Brillinger. Working with Bill was great. I sent him an email one morning of what I wanted and by 3 pm they were in the mail the same day. Now that is service! - Ryan Mendell
I've really gotta hand it to Bill! Through his decal printing business, the sharpness of the decals exceeded my expectations. - Rob C.
The Ontario Northland Transport Services decals have been received! Extremely impressed at the level of quality! Flawless! - Ian Campbell
For custom made decals I have had great luck working with Bill Brillinger. He can print with white and if you are decaling over a dark color he will do a white layer to lay under colors like yellow. He has made decals for me of lettering for vehicles from photographs I provided and measurements of how big I want the finished lettering to be. It does cost a bit more for him to do the artwork but I think they are worth it. - Wayne Crews

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