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Freebies for Model Railroaders

Here are some freebies that model railroaders might find useful...

Easy Model Railroad Inventory v8.5 - Written by Bob Langer

Easy Model Railroad Inventory is designed to inventory your model railroad assests including; rolling stock, locomotives, cars, structures, electronic equipment, books and more! Once the data has been entered you can view, query, report, and graph what you own, or print car cards and waybills for model railroad operations.

For support, please consult the Manual (25MB) or visit the EMRI facebook page.
System requirements: Windows 98, XP, Vista, or Windows 7, or later.
This software is provided free of charge and without warranty.

EMRI v8.5 Setup.exe (44MB)

Remote Cab Sign

A design for a sign that is found around railway yards where remote control locomotives are in operation. Print this in full size or in "tiny" to display around your layout.

RemoteCabSign.pdf (35kb)

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